Universal Studios Wedding Receptions

Written by Linda Alexander
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At Universal Studios, wedding receptions are becoming increasingly popular. In fact, Florida destination weddings are gaining popularity every year. With balmy breezes, semi-tropical weather, gorgeous sunsets, and year-round sunshine, Florida is quite a romantic place to get married.

Universal Studios wedding receptions can also take place at nearby hotels. Check with the banquet managers of area hotels to see what kind of wedding packages they offer. From budget to luxury, Florida offers many types of accommodations so your visit, and wedding, will be memorable.

Planning Universal Studios Wedding Receptions

Having Universal Studios wedding receptions need not be complicated. Check with the theme park itself for details. Or, you can check with area hotels to see what they offer. Of course, since you're already on the Web, an online search is your quickest way to wedding reception information.

To apply for a marriage license in Florida, partners must be at least 18 years old and appear in person, together, and provide a photo ID. This may include a divers license or passport. You must get your license from the clerk of courts in any Florida county; they will not honor marriage licenses from other states. If you are a Florida resident, there is a three-day waiting period.

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