Universal Theme Parks

Written by Linda Alexander
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Universal theme parks began with a humble tram tour of Universal Studios' backlot in Hollywood. In 1964, the studio turned the tour into a full-blown theme park. Since then, Universal theme parks have been added in Florida, Japan, and Spain.

The Universal theme park in Orlando opened in 1990. Today, it is two full Universal theme parks, Universal Studios and Universal Islands of Adventure. Both the Hollywood and Orlando sites include CityWalk, a strip of dining, shopping, and live entertainment attractions.

The Parent Company for Universal Theme Parks around the World

Universal Studios Recreation Group is responsible for the Universal entertainment businesses around the world. Their role includes designing, constructing, and operating the activities at all of its theme parks. If you're looking for something that everyone in the family can enjoy while on vacation, consider these parks as a prime destination possibility.

Like Disney World, the Universal theme parks in Orlando offer visitors great hotel accommodations, nonstop entertainment, rides, shopping, and world-class dining. Universal Studios is a place you won't want to miss. So if you are planning a trip to Orlando, whether for business or pleasure, be sure to take an extra day or two to visit Universal.

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