Virginia Beach Hotels And Motels

Written by Stephanie Dula
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Virginia Beach is the biggest city in Virginia, as well as the prime beach vacation spot for the whole state. However, the area retains a semblance of a peaceful beach community due to the strict enforcement of its many anti-cruising and loitering laws. The city works hard to uphold a family-friendly image, attracting many tourists in search of a relatively tame beach experience.

Virginia Beach's Oceanfront

There are plenty of hotels and motels in the area, many of them located on its Oceanfront strip. This area is home to many large-chain accommodations and restaurants, as well as an abundance of souvenir shops. The boardwalk, which runs along the beach here, is a great place to take a walk or do some biking.

Virginia Beach offers many water sports and activities to attract visitors to its main attraction, the beach itself. Examples of popular active pursuits in Virginia Beach include parasailing trips and scenic cruises. There are also many golf courses in the area convenient to the main Oceanfront strip.

When planning a Virginia Beach getaway, it's important to plan ahead in order to ensure the best possible vacation experience. The Internet can provide many ways to reduce the stress of planning a trip in addition to booking hotel and motel reservations. Itineraries can be created at many travel websites that can help schedule day trips and visits to attractions.

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