Walt Disney World Hotels

Written by Linda Alexander
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Debating about which of the Walt Disney World hotels to stay at? Consider the pros and cons of staying at an on-site resort versus an off-site hotel. You will most likely save money by staying off-site, but you might miss some of the magic.

If you are planning to visit other attractions in Orlando, than any off-site hotel will do. Even if you do stay at Disney, it may take you 15 minutes or more to get to the park of your choice every morning. Compare that with staying at a hotel near Universal or on International Drive. The drive would take you about the same time.

Walt Disney World Hotels: Benefits and Drawbacks

Walt Disney World hotels are all themed. So you won't get anywhere near the same atmosphere at an off-site hotel. And guests of Disney resorts can enter a different theme park each morning about an hour earlier than the public. This is called their "Early Entry" program and is a great way to get ahead of the crowds each day.

Of course, that is all that you will be missing if you budget does not allow you to stay at Walt Disney World hotels. By staying at other hotels, you'll be able to access other area attractions as well as save money. And if you're not going to spend any time at Disney World, for the business traveler or vacationer interested in other attractions, then there's really no reason to stay at Disney at all.

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