Walt Disney World Info

Written by Linda Alexander
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A great source for Walt Disney World info is the park itself. You can contact them directly through their reservation lines, or peruse their websites. Of course, there are plenty of other sources of Walt Disney World info, too.

If you're planning a vacation to Disney and need info, start with a good travel book. These are usually updated every year to ensure that they are current. Your travel agent or a major travel website is sure to have loads of brochures, in print or online, with all the info you could ask for.

People: Reliable Sources of Walt Disney World Info

Another source of Walt Disney World info is friends and family who have visited the area before. If you don't know anybody who has been there, check out any of the newsgroups or online message boards that deal with travel, Orlando, Walt Disney World, or other nearby destinations. You're sure to hear more opinions than you ever thought possible!

I personally feel that the best place to get information is from other people. The material coming from Disney is surely biased! But you have to remember that one person's opinion isn't enough, since that person may have different tastes than you, and therefore your experiences will be perceived differently. So be sure to gather lots of opinions before you make any decisions.

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