Walt Disney World Vacations

Written by Gregg Ruais
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Warm weather, friendly people, and numerous attractions make Walt Disney World vacations fun and exciting for both children and parents. No place in the world compares with Disney in terms of creating an environment where everyone can be happy. People leaving the park always feel as though they have gotten their money's worth, which is why Disney has so many repeat customers.

Why Walt Disney World Vacations Are the Best

No other vacation company goes through such great lengths to ensure that their customers all have fun. One potential problem, which Disney has resolved, is that people who spend several hours in the park often forget where they parked their cars. Nothing can ruin a great day like spending two hours searching for a parked automobile. In order to avoid this from happening, cartoon characters greet people and repeat the exact location of their car three times, just to make sure nobody forgets. Even if someone does forget, park employees can always help find the vehicle based on which character the person saw first.

Furthermore, when a kid drops something, say, an ice cream cone, if a park employee sees what happened, he or she automatically brings a new ice cream cone. People don't have to ask. Disney wants everyone to have fun on their Walt Disney World vacations, even if it means replacing a thousand dropped ice creams each day.

Moreover, for a place that has tens of millions of visitors each year, Disney is kept incredibly clean. It seems as though people could literally eat off the ground if they so desired. The roller coasters, water slides, entertainment features, and animal shows all add to the perfection of Walt Disney World vacations, but what really sets Disney apart is the manner in which the staff treats people.

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