Group Bus Tours

Written by Rylee Newton
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One of the best ways to explore the world is to book a group bus tour. Before you book any packaged bus tour, it's important to find out what's included in the price. It's a good idea to book a bus package that includes things like fuel, public liability insurance, driver accommodations and pay, and parking fees.

There are several incidentals that aren't included in the price of most bus tour packages. For example, you need to tip the driver every day. The driver serves as tour guide, and he works hard to ensure that you have a pleasant and safe vacation. Most travel experts suggest tipping the driver at least $3 per person, per day.

Get on the Bus

A bus tour is great if you want to explore a number of different locations within a state or country. Most tours last at least a week, and during that time travelers visit national parks, monuments, museums and roadside attractions. When booking a tour, it's important to find out where you will be staying at night. Your tour price should include lodging either in a hotel or motel, or in a campground.

If your bus tour involves camping in the great outdoors, you need to be prepared for whatever weather might come your way. Most camping tours take place during the summer months and into the early fall. It's important to check with the tour organizer to find out if you need to bring things like camping equipment, sleeping bags, cooking utensils, and other necessities.

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