Group Leisure Travel

Written by Rylee Newton
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Booking a group travel package is a great way to get to know friends, coworkers, and distant family members. Nothing brings people together like traveling around the country or the world. Many of the top travel agencies offer group rates on hotel and airline fares. Some travel companies even offer special upgrades and free rooms when you book more than ten guests for a vacation package.

If you want to escape the winter blues, you can book a vacation package to warmer climates. Some of the most popular group vacation packages include trips to Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii, and the Caribbean. If you're planning on visiting one of these destinations during the winter months, it's a good idea to book well in advance, as the winter is the prime tourist season in these areas.

Year Round Group Travel

Another great time to book a group vacation is during the holidays. You can plan a group outing like a family reunion or an educational field trip to discover how other nations and cultures celebrate the holidays. You can even plan a group shopping vacation if you want to give unique holiday gifts to friends and family members.

One of the most popular times to book group vacations for children and young adults is the summer. During the summer break, students have up to three months to explore the world. If you're organizing a group outing for students, it's important to provide adequate supervision. As a rule, the younger the student, the more supervision necessary. In fact, some travel experts recommend one adult for every ten kids for safety.

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