Group Travel Planners

Written by Rylee Newton
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Group travel planners work closely with group leaders to make arrangements for all aspect of the group itinerary. If you're planning a vacation for more than ten people, you really can't afford to work alone. When you hire a travel planner or group travel agency, you save money on airfare and lodging. In addition, travel companies have established relationships with providers, and they can negotiate prices thanks to their years of booking loyalty.

Most travel planners make their money through arrangements made with affiliate travel companies. Rather than paying an upfront fee for your travel planning service, hotels and airlines pay the travel planner for the referral business. With so many people booking travel online these days, travel planners know how important it is to find you the best possible deals.

Organizing Your Group Travel

Many people use travel planners for big events like weddings, student expeditions, and business meetings. If you don't want to hire a travel planner for your next vacation, then you need to find a group leader who is very organized. Many groups organize their vacations a year or more in advance. Larger groups need leaders with task management skills, communication skills, and the ability to delegate responsibilities.

Many people work with travel planners when they're visiting a new tourist destination for the first time. Travel professionals often have insight into unusual sights and special travel dates. When you work with a travel planner, you can plan out every day of the trip to get the most out of your vacation time and money.

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