Adventure Weddings

Written by Joy MacKay
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Marriage is truly a lifelong adventure. You can celebrate your vows in that same spirit of excitement with adventure weddings. On the gorgeous islands of Hawaii, creative and adventurous weddings are surprisingly easy to put together.

For example, you can hit the waves as you exchange your lifetime vows of love. With a tandem ride, you can experience the adventure of the surf and the unpredictable rhythms of the waves as you become married. Then you simply head to the shore to dry off and begin your next adventure as a married couple.

Adventure Wedding Options

In exotic wedding destinations, helicopter adventure weddings are becoming popular as a safe and thrilling way to become married. With scenic views atop the world, you can then touch down at a secluded waterfall or beach to create the perfect picturesque ceremony. Your helicopter adventure can even be captured on videotape, to share with loved ones. Instead, imagine getting married while sailing off the coast of the Hawaiian islands. With an experienced sailing crew, you can experience the magic and beauty of the water and gorgeous views of the shore as you exchange your wedding vows.

For some old fashioned romance, you can mount a romantic horse for a ride through the gorgeous Hawaiian vegetation. Once you dismount, you will find yourself at a lush Hawaiian wedding site. Or, you can spend several nights in Volcano Village, and become married in a gently active volcano! This safe adventure is sure to make your wedding ceremony a memorable occasion for all.

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