Beaches In Hawaii

Written by Beth Hrusch
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The beaches in Hawaii are among the world's best. Not only do they provide a base for some of the finest surfing, snorkeling and deep sea diving found anywhere, but they are unique and varied attractions in themselves. The shores of the Hawaiian Islands are dotted with fine, pristine beaches both large and small. Each one has its own special character and appeal for tourists and locals alike.

Explore the Beaches in Hawaii

There are several types of beach along the coasts of the Hawaiian Islands. For the most part, they are categorized by the color of their sand. White sand beaches are some of the most popular for family activities. Visitors flock to these beaches by the thousands each year to enjoy the soft, fine white sand and do some swimming and sun bathing. Grey sand beaches are found everywhere in Hawaii, and are generally smaller in size. Here, the sand is more pebbly, and slippers are recommended. Those who enjoy a more rugged coastline come to these beaches, where there is often more exposed rock and reef.

Black sand beaches are more rare and quite dramatic in appearance. The black sand is fine and soft underfoot. Black sand beaches are created from the natural erosion of volcanic rock or the shattering of lava as its hits the water. The fourth of the beaches in Hawaii is the green sand beach. There is only one on the islands, and it is not easily accessible. The sand gets its color from a volcanic mineral called olivine.

Those planning a trip to the islands will want to consider a rental that is close to at least one of these magnificent types of beaches in Hawaii. Each affords the opportunity to explore these tropical islands, and experience their natural wonders first hand. They evoke the beauty and serenity that is Hawaii.

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