Big Island Adventures

Written by Beth Hrusch
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Big Island adventures await in Hawaii, where you can plan a dream vacation packed with exciting new experiences for the entire family. Hawaii is a land blessed with an abundance of natural resources, and a native population that treasures its past. Both can be part of a vacation itinerary filled with opportunities to learn about this fascinating land and participate in activities that are distinctly Hawaiian.

Big Island Adventures for the Entire Family

Many Hawaiian adventures reflect the history and culture of the islands. One of the features of plantation life in Hawaii, for example, was the miles of irrigation ditches that meandered through these large tracts of land. Today, these privately owned ditches, or flumes, are used to give tourists raft rides through the Hawaiian landscape. For an unsurpassed view of the islands, a helicopter ride is a must-do activity. From the air you can witness the two largest active volcanoes in the world-Mauna Loa and Kilauea, and see how lava flows change the landscape.

Another intriguing Big Island adventure is a scuba diving session with the manta rays off the Kona Coast. During the winter months, humpback whales also come to these waters to give birth and mate. Watching these creatures in their native habitat is truly awe-inspiring. Deep sea fishing, snorkeling, hiking through the tropical countryside and trying out the world-class surf are more adventures just waiting to be tried when you visit the Big Island of Hawaii.

Plan your Big Island adventures when you book your vacation. These are many fine rentals available that will put you close to the action, so determine what activities interest you then find accommodations that suit. A good rental agent can give you the information you need to decide which Big Island adventures have your name on them.

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