Big Island Beaches

Written by Beth Hrusch
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Big Island beaches offer an opportunity to engage in some memorable activities during your stay in Hawaii. Some are easily accessible and widely known, while others are off the beaten path. Rugged, rocky shores beckon the adventurer, while pristine white sand beaches invite the family to sunbathe and play. Hawaii beaches are in themselves a popular travel destination.

Spend Your Time on the Big Island Beaches

A rental home by the beach is the perfect place from which to launch your Hawaiian vacation. This puts you in close proximity to gear rental shops, where you can get snorkeling, body boarding and scuba diving equipment. Instructors are usually not far away. Some white sand beaches may not be ideal for scuba diving and snorkeling, as the sand may cover the reefs. But, they are good places to ride the waves, and to swim and sunbathe.

Some of the smaller grey sand beaches are rough and lay in areas where there is more exposed rock. This makes for good scuba diving and snorkeling but is not so good for surfing. Check out the topography before attempting to surf, as the presence of a lot of reef and rock can indicate dangerous conditions below the waves. Diving can be done offshore at any Big Island beaches that harbor good conditions. A local dive shop will tell you which spots are the best ones to explore.

Whether you are looking to relax or head out for adventure, Big Island beaches hold many opportunities for you to enjoy the wonders of Hawaii. In fact, you never have to leave the beach in order to have the vacation of a lifetime. Fine dining, local events and many kinds of water-related activities are all found on the beaches of Hawaii. They have an appeal that draws thousands to the shore each year.

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