Big Island Resorts

Written by Stephanie Dula
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Big Island resorts are available with oceanfront views and lots of amenities as part of a vacation package deal you can book now for a very small deposit. With car rental included, you can choose from a number of resorts to explore the rest of the island. Big island resorts include resort hotels, condos, and villa properties in several locations.

Big Island Resorts and Sightseeing

The Kohala Coast resorts are a good option for quality, as well as proximity to attractions. The Hawaiian petroglyph archaeological district is a must-see when you visit the Big Island, the mysterious drawings on black lava slates date back to ancient times. Although it is not known exactly who made them, they are a fun attraction for anyone with an interest in Hawaiian history.

The Kohala Coast is also home to the Lapakahi State Historical Park, a fishing village preserved the way the ancient people operated it. Some of the fishing techniques of ancient Hawaiians are still a scientific marvel to this day, and this park is a tribute to their ways. The Big Island, in general, is a great place to explore the rich heritage of Hawaiian history.

The Big Island requires a good bit of driving to see its varied attractions, and the many Big Island resorts offer both comfort and luxury in between day trips. Families can find multiple bedroom units and couples can certainly find suitable honeymoon suites. The Big Island won't disappoint when it comes to finding the perfect accommodations.

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