Big Island Restaurants

Written by Tara Peris
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Big Island restaurants offer a surprising array of alternatives these days. From roadside cafes that allow you to eat and run to elegant, four-star beach front restaurants, there are alternatives to meet every need. Moreover the quality of the food at all dining levels is consistently good.

Although we do not give it much attention, food is a critical aspect of a vacation. Nourishment aside, the distinctive foods of a region can leave just as big an impression as any landmark that is visited. Anyone who has enjoyed cheeses in Provence or tasty pasta in Rome can tell you that the travel experience would not be the same without the food.

Authentic Cuisine at Big Island Restaurants
The same holds true in Hawaii, where authentic cuisine is essential to a complete vacation. Big Island restaurants offer many opportunities to sample Hawaiian delicacies, such as roasted pig or Poke Poke. These tasty treats can be found at luaus, upscale restaurants, and even some roadside stands.

Even if you are not a particularly adventuresome eater, it makes sense to at least try a few of the basics. In general, Big Island restaurants are of uniformly good quality, and Hawaiian food is surprisingly diverse. For many, the best bet is to find a buffet-style dinner that allows sampling of many different dishes.

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