Big Island Tours

Written by Stephanie Dula
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Hawaii's Big Island Tours are a great way to see the island, which is home to some of the most diverse terrain on earth. Planning a vacation that includes some kind of tour on the Big Island is a good idea. With so many options, travelers can benefit from the knowledge of professionals who know the island well.

Big Island Tours--Volcanoes in Action!

The Big Island of Hawaii is the youngest of all the Hawaiian islands, geologically speaking, and it remains a very geologically active place. Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park is home to, among other scenic wonders, Kaluea Caldera, which is the world's longest continually erupting volcano. The park is considered a must-see by the locals who live on the island. Visitors to the island can choose from a host of Big Island tours that include a trip to this amazing place.

Of course, the Big Island is ringed with world-famous beaches, but it also boasts some scenery of a different kind. The Ka'u Desert is a massive expanse of lava fields which can be viewed on several Big Island tours. The continuous flow of lava from Kaluea creates new land mass daily, creating a unique sort of bleak, but beautiful landscape.

Both professional-guided and non-guided tours are available on the Big Island. There is plenty of challenging and secluded terrain for the adventurous types, as well as more easily accessible areas of interest for more cautious individuals. No matter what your style, you can find a tour that fits your needs perfectly on Hawaii's Big Island.

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