Budget Maui Accommodations

Written by Donald Sparacin
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Budget Maui accommodations abound, and there is something here for every taste and wallet. Whether you're a student looking for a monthly rate, a traveling family looking to spend less on the room and more on the adventure, or a gourmet who wants to save every dime on sleeping quarters to spend the dollars on the freshest fish you'll ever taste Maui has a place for you.

Are Budget Maui Accommodations Really Cheap?

When the operative word in the phrase "Budget Maui Accommodations" is budget, perhaps you might consider sharing a room with others who feel as you do. There are shared dormitory rooms that actually begin at $100 per week. Yes, per WEEK! Many traveling college students find this arrangement very attractive, since they are well used to sharing their residence hall room during the school year anyway, and a vacation in Maui really isn't about the time you spend with your eyes closed.

If you prefer something a bit more private, but still want the ultimate budget Maui accommodations, a small single room can cost as little as $150 per week. Small families can even find a one-bedroom apartment with a pullout sofa for $350 per week that even includes cooking facilities. Then again, real bargain hunters can even find a nicely appointed cottage for just a few dollars more.

Probably the best way to secure the ultimate in budget Maui accommodations is to book at the last minute during off-season. Many hotels, bed and breakfasts, and cottages will sacrifice profits to fill last-minute cancellations and real savings can be realized. The drawback is that your schedule must be flexible enough to drop everything and go when the opportunity arises, but for many travelers seeking the best in budget Maui accommodations this isn't a problem.

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