Choosing A Wedding Location

Written by Joy MacKay
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For you wedding, you may wish to enjoy the rich and enchanting landscape of Maui, the gem of the beautiful Hawaiian islands. When choosing a wedding location on Maui, your options are just about endless. You can choose from its white sand beaches, lush parks, enchanted gardens and waterfalls. The benefits of choosing a wedding location in beautiful Maui are many, but a naturally beautiful setting for the ceremony and pictures is a great one.

Wedding Locations by Water

The symbolism of water draws people to its sources. When choosing a wedding location, you can think about what the ocean means to you, as it echoes the tides of your life. Consider the vast expanse of sea, and its endless depths--just as your love has no end and beginning.

Choosing a wedding location by water goes beyond the mere symbolism. Cascading waterfalls can inspire the romance that inspired love songs and poems of yore. The beauty of a gorgeous wedding set in front of nature's living decoration--running, flowing water--definitely creates a memorable event.

Equally charming for choosing a wedding location is the lush vegetation around Maui. From its secret gardens, complete with bright flowers and climbing vines, to its picturesque parks with dark green lawns, Maui is the picture of plant life in all its glory. These gorgeous outdoor wedding locations can be an alternative to the more traditional beach wedding.

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