Conscious Gourmet

Written by Donald Sparacin
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People seeking a healthier lifestyle have much to rejoice about since the days of the tofu-burger. Today's conscious gourmet can find far superior choices in ingredients, preparation, and availability of healthy foods than even a few years ago. Even the smallest grocery store in the middle of nowhere stocks their shelves with foods labeled natural, organic, and free-range.

It's a fine line of distinction between eating to get full and eating enough of the right foods to fuel the body and still appease the mind. Many people go on radical diets to lose weight only to find that they aren't satisfied. Even worse, many find that these fad diets leave them feeling poorly due to a profound lack of the essentials of healthy eating. Only a skilled chef can find that perfect combination of ingredients, technique, and portion sizes that will make the conscious gourmet feel sated and healthy.

Can I Eat Healthy on Maui?

The conscious gourmet will find that Maui is a paradise on many levels, and healthy foods in one of those levels. Fish served at dinner swam off the coastline that morning, and the difference in taste alone will amaze even the most demanding palate. While every tourist locale has fine restaurants, Maui exceeds the norm. Tropical fruit and vegetables grow everywhere on the island, and the local chefs make excellent use of that abundance.

Maui catering facilities offer the health conscious gourmet complete meals of only the freshest, and tastiest ingredients. Served in your room at many of the better Maui vacation accommodation locations, healthy meals go hand-in-hand with some of the daily activities like hiking, swimming, and exploring. Maui's better restaurants for the most part all offer healthy alternatives to burgers and fries. Unlike many tourist locales that offer standard grease-laden, carbohydrate heavy menus, the health conscious gourmet will have no trouble finding the perfect meal in paradise.

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