Executive Conference Center

Written by Donald Sparacin
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Imagine yourself as the CEO of company, and you're taking your top sales producers to Maui as a treat. Your secretary has booked a large house with bedrooms for everyone in a lovely secluded spot right on the beach. You want to use the facility to both reward your staff and also to inform them of the new product line that's coming out shortly. With the presentation safely tucked in your notebook computer, you arrive and begin to wonder where you are going to make the presentation.

Can Maui Accommodate Your Meeting?

The simple answer is, yes. However, not every seminar location on Maui has the facilities to accomplish this task. A well-appointed executive conference center needs to have much more than a collection of guest rooms and a place to hold a meeting. You need to find comfortable seating to keep your audience comfortable and alert. You need to find a large-screen monitor on which to display your presentation. You need to find internet access for your staff to keep in touch with their mainland clients and their home office. Finally, you need to find an executive conference center where the resort staff understands how to be attentive to your group's needs while keeping out of your way.

Maui offers several options for companies seeking that perfect executive conference center. Beyond the major hotels, there are many small, well-appointed, retreat centers that accommodate most, if not all of your needs. Even better still, is that theses smaller locales can offer the same services as the bigger places and won't cripple your budget. Many offer suites for the price of a standard guestroom, comfortable meeting rooms, and beautiful scenery everywhere.

An executive conference center must be much more than a place to meet and sleep. It should serve the finest food, and even cater to the conscious gourmet in the group. It should provide structured exercise, Tai Chi, or yoga classes. It should offer a peaceful setting in which to unwind after the meetings. And mostly, it should do everything you need to make your investment in the trip worthwhile to you. Maui does indeed have that executive conference center that will meet your needs, expectations, and budget.

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