Hapuna Golf Course

Written by Liza Hartung
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The Hapuna golf course is the most environmentally sensitive on all the islands of Hawaii. You know how some unfortunate people are allergic to dogs, cats, dust, pollen, computers, in-laws, soy milk, and things made of polyester? Well, Hapuna Golf Course is the golfing equivalent. And don't yell obscenities at it because, like I said, it's sensitive.

Although Hapuna has its soft side, it is a blast to play. It's just downright fun, probably because it gets a good laugh at your expense. I say this because the course is extraordinarily affected by wind and will whip your ball around no matter how strongly you believe you've hit it straight. You've really got to have a good sense of humor when your balls (and the rest of your foursome's balls) get thrown around at the whim of the wind.

Fun Facts about Hapuna Golf Course

Hapuna Golf Course was opened in 1992. Designed by Arnold Palmer and Ed Seay, this course means business. It has been built with all-natural terrain from the volcano Mauna Loa. Don't worry, it's an extinct volcano so it won't blow. The designers have tried to help you out with the wind issue by pointing out where the best landing areas on the course are; aim for these and you'll make it through.

If you'd like to be conveniently close to Hapuna, feel free to book yourself a room at the Hapuna Beach Prince Hotel. This is where the course is situated, all part of the Mauna Kea resort on the Kohala coast. Hapuna literally means "spring to life" so don't shame the name by sleeping until noon everyday.

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