Hawaii Adventure

Written by Josh Dodes
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Planning ahead for the Hawaii adventure of your dreams? The odds are good that you are receiving enthusiastic advice from all corners, even from travel agents. But while uniform enthusiasm is a sign of just how much this tropical paradise has to offer, there is only one group that can consistently provide the most objective, accurate, up-to-date advice available.

That group, of course, is local Hawaiians. Fortunately, a small handful of top-notch websites owned and run by born-and-bred Hawaiian has recently gone online. The best of these websites are licensed as activity desks through the State, and as with anywhere else in the world, you should not settle for advice offered by unlicensed parties that might have their own interests.

The Hawaii Adventure Ahead

With so much to do on the islands, a little bit of planning ahead can go a long way. That's why the top locally-run websites are well-organized, comprehensive, and meticulously up-to-date. With advice this thorough, and the ability to buy tickets for activities with absolutely no markup, there is no reason for you to waste precious time figuring out what to do and whether it is too late to do it once you arrive.

It is no surprise that savvy travelers everywhere have begun to avail themselves of this exceptional expert advice. After all, there are only two types of Hawaii adventure. One is the adventure you can have if you plan ahead and beat the tour groups. And the other is the adventure you will wish you had enjoyed after a frustrating vacation duking it out with everyone else.

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