Hawaii Discount Golf Cards

Written by Liza Hartung
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If you're still off looking for some great discounts for your golf trip to Hawaii, look no further than the money-saving Hawaii discount golf cards. These cards are easy to locate and purchase, and will free you up in terms of how many courses you can play on a particular budget. It's the best idea for the financially savvy golfer.

Hawaii Discount Golf Cards Are Freedom

Hawaii discount golf cards offer savings in a wide array of areas. Some let you play specific courses only, but as long and as often as you like. Others give you the option of playing a wider range of courses, but with certain restrictions such as no tee times before a certain hour of the morning. Almost all of the cards offer complimentary carts for those who may find the terrain of Hawaii a little difficult.

One of the things I really like about having one of the Hawaii discount golf cards is that it fits in my wallet and has my name on it. I don't want my friends and family trying to capitalize on my smart move to invest in one of these little babies. Plus, as long as I don't accidentally leave my wallet at home (which has happened to all of us at some point), I've always got my savings card with me.

In addition to providing excellent savings, the golf discount card is almost like a V.I.P. pass. People tend to think that pro-shop employees will think they're cheap, having purchased such a card. On the contrary, however, it tends to get the card-holder in the door a little more quickly and with more preferred tee times. The discount golf card is definitely a deal I would be hard-pressed to turn down.

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