Hawaii Family Vacations

Written by Michael Federico
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Hawaii continues to attract more families each year. What was once thought of as a place solely for couples has transformed into a vacation spot for people of all ages. Families can now find plenty to do on several of Hawaii's major islands.

While the city of Honolulu on Oahu allows people to enjoy the island atmosphere amidst busy city streets, the islands of Maui and Kauai allow families to enjoy vacations that are unlike anything they could experience on the Mainland. Even though both islands are becoming more commercialized each year, they still offer striking vistas and a link to Hawaii's past. Taking a trip to either locale will give everyone in the family a chance to experience a new culture.

Family Tour Packages

Taking the entire family to Hawaii can be incredibly expensive. Not only are plane tickets and hotel rooms pricey; food, tours, and other activities can be costly as well. In order to save money, many families seek out tour packages. These vacation plans include trips, tours, or even meals with the price of airfare and lodging.

With a tour package, a family might get to inspect the Dole Pineapple factory for free. They could also have the chance to attend a luau, or visit the world-famous aquarium on Maui. There is so much to enjoy in Hawaii, but worrying about money can take a bit of the fun out of a trip. A family vacation package guarantees that there will at least be a few things that each family member will be happy with.

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