Hawaii Golf

Written by Liza Hartung
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Regardless of my lack of club/ball connection when I play golf, I would be hard-pressed to say no to a game of Hawaii golf. I am certainly not opposed to walking around on a beautiful island while attempting to hit small white balls. Even as I swing, miss, and spin around in a circle because of my attempt to kill the ball, I could enjoy a 360-degree view of the ocean and lush greenery.

All the courses on the island of Hawaii are gorgeous, very well maintained, and most contain historical landmarks. Some have ancient burial grounds. Others have lava tubes and views of volcanoes. And most have exotic birds flying overhead, but don't slice your shot just because one of them cries out to you. Oh, and keep a hat on while playing Hawaii golf because you just never know with all those birds around.

The Beauty of Hawaii Golf

Even for those of us for who can't be accurately described as golf aficionados, the experience of Hawaii golf is simply unable to be surpassed. There are tons of courses to choose from, each with many different breathtaking views. Whether you're on a high-elevation course or at the bottom of a huge sand dune, you can't beat the weather. Plus, most of the courses have a nice little restaurant waiting for you at the end of your 9 or 18 holes.

Not only are all these courses a sight for sore eyes, but most were designed or maintained by PGA golf professionals. And if they don't know how to make a course fun, challenging, and immaculate, who does? It's so much fun to go back home after a week or so of vacationing and golfing and tell your friends that not only were you playing golf in Hawaii, but the course you were on was designed by Arnold Palmer.

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