Hawaii Golf Cards

Written by Beth Hrusch
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Hawaii golf cards are a great way to play some of the best courses in the world for discounted prices. Anyone planning a trip to the islands should consider getting one of these cards. With one, you can golf at dozens of Hawaiian courses on your list and receive a discount off of each greens fee. The idea behind golf cards is that the issuing organization can use the power of membership to offer better rates to its participants.

Hawaii Golf Cards Make it Easy

Imagine having the freedom to move from course to course, sampling the professionally designed greens that dot the Hawaiian landscape. It's a great way to see the islands, as well as spend time polishing your game. With a golf card you can do just that. There are no restrictions on how many times you may play and the system is easy to use. Simply call the pro shop to reserve your tee time and tell them that you have a golf card. When you arrive, you will usually be asked to show your card and I.D.

Discounts are given on the spot. And, since each card is personalized and I.D. is required, there is no danger that a lost card can be used by anyone else. Many courses accept these cards, but make sure to check into which courses are on the issuer's list. Several companies offer Hawaii golf cards and travel and rental agents can add them to your vacation package.

Hawaii golf cards can garner significant savings for people who plan on doing a lot of golfing during their trip to Hawaii. However, they are also a good idea for those who just want to golf once or twice. No matter which course or courses you choose, you will only pay the discounted fee for that particular course. They are the perfect gift for the golfer who is heading to Hawaii for vacation, or any guest of the island who might want to try his or her hand at some of the finest and most beautiful golf courses in the world.

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