Hawaii Golf Course

Written by Liza Hartung
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If you like having bragging rights, particularly about golfing, then make it a point to play a Hawaii golf course. The courses in Hawaii are considered the most beautiful in the world. Because of the wide range of terrain, from low-level beaches to high-elevation mountains, Hawaii's courses fly through climate changes like a rocket in space.

While walking your way from hole to hole or course to course, you can't help but be dazzled by the breathtaking views of the crystal clear ocean. Depending on the Hawaii golf course that you're playing, you can see neighboring islands and extinct volcanoes. As beautifully historic as those ancient rock walls and lava fields may be, try to keep your ball away from them. The courses are challenging enough without the added distractions of the beautiful scenery.

The Striking Beauty of Hawaii Golf Courses

Don't be fooled by all the natural beauty you see around your game, or, at least, don't let it distract you. Many of these courses are home to professional tournaments and are considered quite difficult even for the seasoned golfer. If you're playing a course that is considered to be fairly relaxing, the scenery certainly has the ability to pull your attention away from your game. Perhaps that's what the designers had in mind all along!

One of the greatest aspects of playing a Hawaii golf course is that if you've brought your family and not everyone has the undying love of golf that you do, there is no lack of activities for the interests of all. You can go snorkeling, horseback riding, whale watching, or just sunbathe and swim on the beach. You can golf to your heart's content and not feel a shred of guilt.

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