Hawaii Golf Discount Card

Written by Liza Hartung
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The Hawaii golf discount card is music to the ears of those who cannot get enough of their nine irons, putters, and tees while overlooking beautiful beaches. It's a sun-worshipping, vacation-starved, fairway freak's ticket to the high life. It's golf (and lots of it), it's Hawaii (beautiful tropical island), and it's saving money (not too shabby).

There are men and women alike all over the United States who absolutely love to golf. They play in snow, in rain, in heat, or whenever they can find a tee-time. Some people, however, don't have access to particularly spectacular courses. Often, the only nearby courses will be insanely overpriced. Well, what about putting around on your choice of fantastic greens while overlooking some of the world's most gorgeous beaches and saving money at the same time? The Hawaii golf discount card was created for just such a dilemma.

Picture this: you're dreaming of golfing, but when you come to, you find yourself on some random Wednesday in February shoveling snow off your Michigan driveway for the eighth consecutive day. Or sitting on your Texas porch in the middle of July desperately wishing for a snow storm. With your discount card, you can jet to Hawaii at any time of the year and find the same savings and discounts that you would any other time.

Why the Hawaii Golf Discount Card Is Just Plain Cool

First off, how cool are you going to feel when you and all your buddies finally agree on a time to take that golf-dedicated trip to Hawaii and you're the one who has the greatest ease booking your tee-times because you said those magic words, "Hawaii golf discount card"? Pretty cool indeed. You'll be the one with the inside track and the one who will score the best tee times on the hottest courses.

It's even more fun when those same buddies say to you, while suppressing their jealousy, "Well, let's see what happens when you've used up your tee-times on that card!" Guess what? You win again because the card is good for an unlimited amount of golf. It's almost like buffet-style golf. You can always come back for more. Everyone likes a good buffet.

Now, some people have to get their fairway fix at least once a week, but their significant other would rather be planting petunias and watching them grow. You're planning a trip to Hawaii and your spouse says, "Oh, do you really have to go golfing? It's so expensive!" HA! You, however, can just whip out your Hawaii golf discount card, laugh, and continue putting practice in your living room.

Why the Hawaii Golf Discount Card Is So Great

This was not mentioned earlier, but sometimes it's fun to save the exciting things for last. Did you know that you also get the use of a cart when you use your discount card? There are probably some people saying to themselves that they don't need a cart because it's better to walk, that it's healthier and more in tune with the game. But you might think again when you play for four days straight, 36 holes a day, as did one Hawaii golf discount card owner. Tool around in your cart and call for the course waiter to bring some beverages, because you've got some serious golf to play!

Here's a really fantastic little fact: Hawaii is comprised of six islands. On those six islands sit more than 80 golf courses awaiting you, your ball, and your club. Don't fret about surcharges because there aren't any. Restrictions? Barely there, if at all. If you play golf, and you plan to do so in Hawaii, you'd be a money-spending fool not to arrive equipped with your Hawaii golf discount card.

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