Hawaii Golf Vacations

Written by Michael Federico
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Many people who truly love the game of golf have said that playing 18 holes in Hawaii is the purest golfing experience they have ever had. There is no stress from work, traffic, or anything else to cloud the golfer's mind. He stands amidst one of the most beautiful settings on Earth and he only has to think about hitting the ball. Waves crash in the distance, and the green from the mountains beyond offsets the greens on the course in a way that makes the course almost seem as though it is a part of nature.

For the less metaphysical golfer, courses in Hawaii still have much to offer. There are several highly rated courses on Maui, Oahu, and Kauai. Golfers of all skill levels have come to Hawaii only to see their handicaps suffer. The landscape of Hawaii courses is unique, so players are forced to deal with obstacles they might not face on a regular basis.

Hawaii Golf Packages

There are several vacation packages designed specifically for golfers. Some of them give a person the chance to play 18 holes daily. In many cases, he will get to travel from course to course, but there are some packages that are linked to a specific course or a resort that might have two courses to play.

Private golf villas are also available in Hawaii. These put players just yards away from the fairway. A guest can wake up in the morning, grab his clubs, and walk outside to see the course laid out right before him.

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