Hawaii Luxury Resorts

Written by Michael Federico
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Some of the largest hotel chains in the world have their most spectacular properties on the Hawaiian Islands. Hilton, Sheraton, and Hyatt are just a few of the companies that have built resorts that rival the best hotels in the world. There are also plenty of smaller resorts that offer the same degree of luxury without the high price tag. These luxury resorts do, of course, get some help from their surroundings. The landscape of all of the major islands can turn even the simplest lodging into a room in paradise.

Hawaiian luxury resorts are not usually satisfied with leaving everything up to Mother Nature, though. They have gone out of their way to spoil their guests, and to make sure that vacationers never forget their time in Hawaii. The majority of luxury resorts feature fine dining, several bars (usually one in the pool), and a variety of activities such as luaus, snorkeling trips, and even whale watching tours.

Luxury Resort Packages

Many of the larger resorts offer deals throughout the year. They tend to feature their biggest discounts during the off season, but people travel to Hawaii year-round, so resorts are never desperate for business. Many of the special packages luxury hotels offer are geared towards specific types of people. For instance, there might be an adventure package for those who want to scale cliffs, fly in helicopters, or bike along mountain trails.

Some resorts offer packages for couples. These can include breakfast in bed, or moonlight cruises. They may also give a couple the chance to walk along some of Hawaii's hidden ginger-covered paths, stopping to wade in a pool that is fed by a breathtaking waterfall along the way.

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