Hawaii Luxury Travel

Written by Michael Federico
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Flying into the Honolulu airport gives a person a chance to see the scenery of Oahu from the sky. The mountains and the ocean seem to come together in a way that cannot be duplicated anywhere else in the world. The countless postcards that feature the island simply don't do it justice. People step off the plane feeling as though they will never see something as beautiful as that ever again. Then they board another plane destined for Maui or Kauai, and they realize the first flight was just a warm up.

The islands of Maui and Kauai both feature awe-inspiring landscapes. The greens, reds, and purples that cling to the earth are unlike the greens, reds, and purples that people are used to seeing on a regular basis. Somehow they are truer, purer. The dormant volcanoes that pass for everyday mountains look like something from another world, or at least from this world before people had a chance to change it.

Luxury Resorts on Maui and Kauai

Maui and Kauai thrive on tourism. Maui has been this way for some time, but Kauai has only become extremely popular over the past two decades. However, both feature some of the best luxury resorts in all of Hawaii. These hotels overlook private beaches, and house fine dining establishments. Some play host to Hawaii's most famed golf courses, while others are just minutes away from the best shopping on the islands.

It is also possible to rent luxury homes and condominiums on both islands. These properties provide as many services as (if not more than) the larger hotels. They feature extravagant swimming pools, spas, and sometimes their own shops, as well. A private rental allows travelers to enjoy the luxury of a resort without the crowds.

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