Hawaii Luxury Villas

Written by Michael Federico
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There are several villas located throughout the Hawaiian islands that allow people to enjoy one of the most beautiful places on Earth, while living in the lap of luxury. In many cases, these villas are private. They rest on private beaches, and have no connection to a major resort. However, guests of these villas often enjoy services that are on par with those of the large hotels.

Hawaiian villas that are connected to a resort give their guests all of the services they provide for other guests, but villa residents will generally enjoy access to private beaches, secluded restaurants, and hidden paths that lead to the water. Often, each residence in the villa is furnished in a unique way. Some even have theme rooms.

Specialty Golf Villas

Many people come to Hawaii to golf. They are impressed with the beach, but they would rather avoid the sand at all costs. For these dedicated travelers, the best place to stay is a golf villa. They can experience the luxury of having an oceanfront view, a private Jacuzzi, and an outdoor shower. More importantly, they will be within walking distance of the fairway.

Such villas often reflect the nature of Hawaii itself. The atmosphere is extremely relaxed so people can move at their own pace. If guests want to hit the links at sunrise they can do so, but if they want to lounge around and enjoy breakfast in bed, they can do that, too.

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