Hawaii Tours

Written by Michael Federico
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Many people have it in their heads that a trip to Hawaii involves nothing more than sitting around the beach and sipping on frozen drinks. While this can be a large part of any Hawaiian vacation, there is far more to do on the islands than simply lie about. Each of the major tourist islands offers a variety of trips that give vacationers the chance to see the beauty of Hawaii, and to learn about the state's unique history and culture.

The movie tours of Kauai have become extremely popular with tourists. They give people the chance to see the dazzling waterfall that was featured in Jurassic Park, and to follow the footsteps of Indiana Jones himself. The Road to Hana takes tourists on a slightly treacherous, always breathtaking ride through the heart of Maui, and the helicopter tours of the Big Island let people circle the cone of the island's largest volcanoes.

Adventure Tours in Hawaii

Hawaii has become the destination for extreme sports lovers the world over. There are tours that give people the chance to take on the waves of Oahu, or to parasail over Kauai. There are also several hiking and biking tours available on all of the tourist islands. These trips give people a chance to wind their way along paths that lead to some of Hawaii's best hidden treasures.

The Pacific Ocean off the coast of Hawaii is home to an incredible array of flora and fauna. Snorkeling tours let people interact with the sea life of Hawaii. The majority of trips take place during the day, but there are night tours for the truly adventurous.

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