Hawaii Weddings

Written by Joy MacKay
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You want to celebrate a match made in heaven, so why not say your vows in paradise itself? Hawaii weddings provide you with the perhaps most romantic and intimate setting available while you share your vows. Whether in one of Hawaii's tropical gardens, or romantically set on Maui's legendary beaches, Hawaii weddings provide the picturebook setting that many couples always dreamed of.

More couples than ever are marrying on the beaches of Hawaii. From barefoot weddings, to traditional Hawaiian ceremonies, Hawaii weddings are becoming quite popular (though still relatively uncommon) among young brides and grooms. Whether you've always wanted a formal cliffside wedding complete with a harpist, or a simple beach wedding standing in the sand, Hawaii weddings often materialize the romance you've envisioned.

When you conduct your wedding on the beach, you can emphasize a relaxed and carefree environment in which to begin your lives together. Hawaii weddings take the stress and guesswork out of wedding planning--allowing you to focus on each other more than the details. No matter what scale wedding you intend on creating, Hawaii weddings tend to be memorable affairs.

Garden Hawaii Weddings

Perhaps you are considering an alternative to traditional Hawaii weddings on the beach. Maybe you would like to include lush tropical plants in your wedding photographs, or always dreamed of being married in front of a tropical waterfall. If that's the case, you might consider a wedding set in Hawaii's bountiful and beautiful gardens.

Whether you envision a gazebo amid a tropical garden or a lakeside wedding, garden weddings can be a creative alternative to beach weddings. Especially if you are looking for something exotic, but wish to retain a certain amount of tradition and formality, these garden settings might be the perfect solution. A wedding planning service based out of Hawaii will be able to provide you with more specifics regarding available locations.

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