Hawaiian Vacation Rentals Kona

Written by Jessica Duquette
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About Hawaiian Vacation Rentals Kona

Hawaiian vacation rentals Kona are scattered among the Big Island. While Hawaii's Big Island is only 95 miles long, it is still split into east and west sections. Kona sits in the eastern part of the Big Island where the climate is typically more dry.

The Big Island has a population of nearly 150,000. This number is impressive given the fact that the island is only 4,000 square feet in size. The area of Kona is also broken down into two sections; north and south.

Kona Facts

Hawaiian vacation rentals Kona are typically located in the northern part of Kona. There the population is 28,543. This is considerably larger than the southern half of Kona where only 8,589 people reside.

Throughout this northern stretch of Kona you can find hundreds of properties including condominiums for vacation rentals. Most are centrally located to area attractions and activities. And no matter where you stay in Kona you're sure to have a vibrant Hawaiian ocean view.

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