Hawaiian Wedding Attire

Written by Joy MacKay
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Hawaii weddings are glorious affairs, full of joy and mirth. The flowers are the brightest you'll ever encounter, and the scenery is beyond description. But as you find yourself making wedding plans in one of the world's most exotic wedding destinations, you might encounter the age old question of what to wear. Luckily, Hawaiian wedding attire is classy and versatile, and can make beautiful beach weddings a picturesque snap.

Casual Hawaiian Wedding Attire

From beach shorts to Hawaiian print shirts, casual Hawaiian wedding attire brings out your personality. If you're looking for something subtle, you can always wear khaki pants and white shirts for men, or a white linen dress for the bride. If you're looking for something a little more extreme, the sky is truly the limit. It's your ceremony, so you make the rules! From funky beach prints to gorgeous deep florals, you can choose whatever casual Hawaiian wedding attire you feel fits your occasion.

Some people would rather stick with tradition. Traditional formalwear on a beach? Of course! Many couples get married in formal attire, from a full-length wedding dress with veil, to a tuxedo for the groom. Some couples will pair their formalwear with a barefoot look, or integrate the look of sandals or shoes.

Whatever your preference, here are a few tips when wearing Hawaiian wedding attire that's more formal at your wedding. Brides should avoid long trains, which will probably simply collect sand and muck. Or, if a long train is desired for pictures, consider using a dress with a detachable train for ease. If it's a windy day, brides might want to wear their hair upswept to avoid obscuring of their face for pictures.

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