Helicopter Tours

Written by Tara Peris
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Amidst the myriad vacation activities available on the Hawaiian Islands, few people think to charter helicopter tours. This oversight, while understandable, is unfortunate because these tours are among the most exciting and informative opportunities available. Helicopter tours allow visitors to see the islands with a breadth and depth otherwise inaccessible, and are therefore a great use of time.

Most people who visit Hawaii never make it all the way around the island. Instead, they use their limited time to hit a few main tourist attractions in the most developed areas. This is great if you want to go home and tell others that you saw Pearl Harbor or surfed the North Shore.

Get the Best Views with Helicopter Tours
However, if you really want to see the islands, you must plan to see all of them. Helicopter tours are the only way to do this, as almost every island still has stretches of undeveloped, inaccessible land. Even on the more commercialized islands, where it is possible to walk a good deal of the area, time constraints usually make it difficult to see everything.

Helicopter tours provide the ideal solution. In one afternoon, it is possible to see the entire island, and to see it from the best view possible. You can use your time to do a broad circle of the region, or to zero in on specific off-limits areas you'd like to see in more depth. With the right planning, helicopter tours can meet an array of needs, and complement other vacation activities nicely.

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