Honolulu Family Vacations

Written by Liza Hartung
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Honolulu family vacations are magical. There is something for everyone. Sometimes, when traveling with the entire family, there may be concerns as to what the children will do or if there will there be any alone time for the parents. These are not issues in Honolulu. You can find hotels and resorts that have programs for children. You can leave them there for a while so you and your significant other can find a romantic and cozy place.

Honolulu family vacations are about bonding and having fun as a family. However, you may find that there are times when the kids need to do their own thing and so do you. The Honolulu Zoo is a great place for a family day trip. You will have a blast viewing all the animals and seeing the tropical birds and amphibians.

Great Shows for Honolulu Family Vacations

Some of the best attractions for Honolulu family vacations are the amazing shows. Try heading over to the Hale Koa Hotel for their spectacular dinner show. The price includes an amazing luau, a Polynesian Revue and a Tuesday night magic show. If the idea of magic sounds good, get some tickets to Magic of Polynesia. Here, the internationally renowned illusionist John Hirokawa and his Polynesian dancers perform a brilliant nightly show.

You could spend an entire day at the Polynesian Cultural Center if you so wish. The entire family will have a memorable day visiting the seven Pacific Island villages with an authentic luau. The Center is also home to Oahu's largest nightly show called Horizons. There are also canoe pageants and two fantastic IMAX shows.

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