Honolulu Golf

Written by Liza Hartung
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All the golf greats have played Honolulu golf. I remember when Tiger Woods first won the Masters. My father and I went out to a field behind our house with some balls and some clubs and he told me to "swing like Tiger." So, I took a massive whack at the ball and spun around in a circle, the ball still staring up at me when I finally regained my balance.

Funny enough, my Dad suggested that I try again, so I did. Even though the first swing had caused my back a light pain, I tried again only to repeat the same thing. Well, I may not be Tiger Woods, but I do know that Honolulu golf is not to be missed if you're at all serious about the game.

Play Honolulu Golf

Most Americans may not have heard of all the Hawaiian islands or even some of the major cities, but most citizens know about Honolulu. Those who play golf should know of Honolulu, if they're not already familiar with it as a vacationer's paradise. You will have the time of your life with a club in your hands and the ocean at your back.

Just like all the other Hawaiian courses, Honolulu golf is breath-taking. It's hard not to be when it the holes are surrounded by lush green vegetation, the gentle cerulean waves of the Pacific, and the majestic rocky cliffs of Hawaii's volcanic mountains. Unless, of course, you happen to be there during hurricane season and a hurricane is actually going on. In that case, I suggest you not play, but talk instead about all the fun you could be having if there wasn't a raging storm outside.

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