Honolulu Golf Vacations

Written by Liza Hartung
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With the ocean breeze at your back and the ancient lava deposits creating great obstacles, Honolulu golf vacations satisfy any golf fan. Hawaii is home to about a hundred golf courses. Many of them were designed by golf legends like Jack Nicklaus. A number of them are used for national and international tournaments. Nowhere else can you find such manicured greens with such spectacular views.

In fact, you may have a bit of a time actually playing the game of golf. As you watch your ball take off, you may find that the mountains or cliffs dropping to the ocean make for a small distraction. Just as with courses such as those at Pebble Beach and St. Andrews, the beauty of the courses are as much an attraction as the play itself.

Honolulu golf vacations are unlike any other golf vacations in the world. Yes, you can find some amazing courses in other lands, but none will have the combination of ocean, mountain and tropics like Honolulu golf courses. With Honolulu golf vacations you will find some holes to be more challenging than you have ever played before. The inclines and rows of lava deposits are particularly tricky.

Planning Honolulu Golf Vacations

There are several ways to plan your golf vacation. You might just want to plan a regular vacation and then play the courses as they strike you. You can also get great package deals with golf included. Some resorts have courses on their land or are very close to courses. They might offer you deals. Also, some vacation booking places will have great golf packages. When you are looking around for your vacation, see what different agents or websites have to offer. Almost always, getting golf packages included save money as well as time, but check for limitations on tee times.

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