Honolulu Honeymoons

Written by Liza Hartung
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You can't get much more romantic than Honolulu honeymoons. Even from the moment you arrive at the airport to take your flight to Hawaii, you will start to feel the tropical breeze. Actually, the moment you book your honeymoon the vacation will start. Not only will you be in the gorgeous setting of Hawaii, you will be on what could be the most romantic trip of your life.

When you book your trip, make sure you specify that you are going to be on your honeymoon. Whether you are booking a package deal or a hotel by itself, there are certain upgrades and special treatments you may receive. If you are staying in the honeymoon suite, prepare to enter your room and find champagne and roses. You can take it out to your balcony and soak up the vast blue ocean, tropical flowers and a sunset with colors you never knew existed.

Outside the Hotel with Honolulu Honeymoons

You are in love. You just got married. You want to shout it to the world and you want to whisper it to each other. Since so many wedding ceremonies and honeymoons take place in and around Honolulu, the businesses know how to treat you right. Make sure you mention your newlywed status everywhere you go. You will be amazed at the treatment you will receive on Honolulu honeymoons!

For an ultra-romantic day at the beach, head to Here to Eternity Beach, look for green sea turtles and fancy shells. One of the days you venture out of your hotel, take a hike on one of many rainforest trails to the top of the Ko'olau Mountains. You will be secluded among the mists of white clouds. Honolulu honeymoons are sure to make memories that last forever.

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