Honolulu Vacation Information

Written by Liza Hartung
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Perhaps the best part about planning a vacation to Hawaii is looking at Honolulu vacation information. Even just looking at flights can be exciting. When you start searching for flights, the trip gets closer to actually happening. You aren't only looking at photos of the beautiful beaches, rainforests and mountains, but you are making a plan to get there.

Honolulu Vacation Information for All Interests

If you are a fan of dining out and trying new flavors, you will be happy to know that Honolulu is home to restaurants sporting cuisine from all over the world. You can eat something new every night if you like. Some people are interested to try out local flavors. If this is you, head over to Azul. They've got a huge wine selection and lovely Mediterranean dishes. For special occasions, try The Hanohano Room. They'll take you 30 stories up and treat you right.

For the very adventurous (and those without a fear of heights), book yourself on an airplane or helicopter tour. You will get an astounding view of the entire island and hear all about the history. You can also take glider rides over the North Shore. Just make sure you don't eat right before you take off. You can learn all about these rides with Honolulu vacation information.

If you have a better time feeling the ground under your feet, you can find plenty of Honolulu vacation information about land activities. Feel free to take bike tours or just rent bikes and go out on your own. There are many hiking and nature tours--just be sure to bring your camera.

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