Honolulu Vacations

Written by Liza Hartung
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Whenever you feel that the daily stresses of your life are becoming too much to bear, consider Honolulu vacations. Just hearing the name itself can be enough to send a wave of excitement running through you. You can begin to hear the gentle roar of the blue-green ocean. Ah, do you detect the distant sound of seagulls? Ooh, and feel that soft, warm sand under your feet. Soak up some rays while your waiter goes to fetch you a refreshing drink.

Are Honolulu vacations beginning to sound a little more tempting? Well, let's talk about what happens when the sun goes down. Feel the warm ocean breeze enter your room from the balcony as you powder your nose and admire your new glowing tan. Throw on some light, tropical colored clothing and watch your bronze skin stand out even more. You're ready for a night out.

If you are on your vacation with someone special, imagine walking out of your hotel knowing you look your healthy, radiant best. You grab a cab, windows rolled down, and head toward an exotic restaurant recommended to you by the concierge. When you arrive, you are seated immediately on the deck overlooking the ocean. There is a lone pink, tropical flower on your table, which is lit by a single candle.

Getting Ready for Honolulu Vacations

It doesn't take much to get in the right mindset for Honolulu vacations. You don't even need any pictures. You've seen them all before. You're ready to experience the place with your five senses. Let me tell you, your senses will thank you. From the breathtaking sunsets and warm soft sand to the scents of the flowers, the sound of the ocean and taste of the gourmet dishes, you will create memories to last forever.

But wait, there's more than just the gorgeous beaches and mouthwatering food, there are activities for adventure-seekers, outdoor lovers and the environmentally curious. For those with a craving for culture, tie your scarf around your neck and meander through local galleries and art museums. While many don't think of this as a typical Hawaii venue, it can be a beautiful way to spend an afternoon.

Soaking up Honolulu Vacations

Are you a thrill seeker? Do you love to surf? Why don't you grab a board and head on down to Sunset Beach, also known for the famous "Banzai" Pipeline? If you aren't quite ready to dare the strong surf of Mother Nature, pack a lunch and watch the other daredevils weave, wind and wipe out. If you never thought much of surfing before Honolulu vacations, you will have a whole new appreciation after.

Let's say, though, that you're all full up on the beach. You've had all the tropical looking drinks you can take, and you want to hear something other than the relaxing, dull roar of the ocean. The Hawaii International Jazz Festival awaits you on your Honolulu vacations. Mellow out to the cool sounds of saxophones, drums and upright bases.

You say your skin has soaked up a little more sun than you intended? Well, you needed to do a little souvenir shopping anyway. The Cedar Street Galleries may be calling your name. Here you can find 95 contemporary artists showcasing works of all mediums. The acrylics, ceramics, watercolors, woodworks, oil paintings and bronze statues will add to the festive flavors of your Honolulu vacations.

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