Hotel Meeting Room

Written by Donald Sparacin
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Every office in the world has a place to hold meetings. Whether it's around a water-cooler to discuss the more trivial matters of the workplace or at a grand location to introduce the formation of a new division of the company, people need a place to meet. Sometimes the meeting place needs to be off-site for matters of confidentiality, excitement, or convenience. In those cases executives turn to the hotel meeting room.

How Does the Hotel Meeting Room Differ from the Office Work-table?

Unlike the boardroom, typical conference room, or hastily wiped-off lunch table in the cafeteria, a hotel meeting room allows the attendees an escape from the office for a time. In a negotiation, a hotel meeting room is neutral ground for both parties, so neither has the "home field" advantage. When coffee or soft drinks are needed for a break in the meeting, the overworked secretary doesn't have to become a waitress, and when it's over doesn't have to clean up - hotel staff covers that.

Most hotel meeting room facilities offer all of those same features that the typical office meeting room does. Comfortable chairs, refreshments, audiovisual tools, computer hook-ups, screens, and conference phones are offered in almost every hotel meeting room. When it's time for lunch it doesn't arrive in paper bags, it's usually served with linens, china, and silverware. Co-workers aren't interrupting with questions and issues unrelated to the meeting when you're out of the office either.

Now, take that hotel meeting room from the local motel around the corner from your office, drop in into one of the world's best locales, and that same meeting becomes special. A hotel meeting room on Maui will have everything that the local hotel offers, but it offers so very much more. When you take a break from the action, take it easy. Stop and smell the flowers that grow wild everywhere on Maui, or take in the scenery around you. When you return to the hotel meeting room on Maui, you'll be refreshed and ready for the work again in ways you couldn't even imagine back in your local town.

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