Kailua Beach Rentals

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Kailua beach rentals are the only way to wind down after a strenuous day on Kailua Beach. The morning hours were filled with a variety of activities including a kayak tour. This three hour excursion introduced you to the art of snorkeling and the fascinating world that lives below sea level.


Dolphins, whales, tropical fish and sea caves were among the fascinating attractions throughout the tour. At lunch time the family ate at a Hawaiian luau. Each member received their own fresh lei while you feasted on Polynesian fare.

After a few more hours on the beach soaking in the Hawaiian sun, it was time to get ready for your dinner cruise. As you sailed the Kailua Beach coast, a tour guide provided an informative and historical narration to the passengers. With just a couple of hours before its time to retreat to bed, you'd like to spend a moment or two sitting on the deck admiring the coastal view.

Come Home to Kailua Beach Rentals

All Kailua Beach rentals provide striking views of the Hawaiian coast. The warm sea-salt air is refreshing after such a hectic day. And just think; you still have six more days left on your vacation.

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