Kailua-kona Hawaii

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Kailua-kona Hawaii is one of the most prestigious areas for coffee plantations. Some of the best tasting coffee is exported from this little Hawaiian village. People around the world indulge in this coffee for its rich aroma and full-bodied flavor.

Kailua-kona Hawaii Coffee

Only ten minutes from Kailua-kona Hawaii, you can take a coffee tour to find out just how the beans you grind each morning make it from the plantation to your kitchen cabinet. The Holualoa Kona Coffee Company is just one of the many plantations that are situated outside of Kona. This family-run farm invites tourists in to learn the process of growing coffee beans.

You'll take a tour around the orchards and through the mill where you learn how each bean of coffee is carefully and precisely checked to ensure only the best tasting coffee around reaches your kitchen. Many plantations such as this one offer free tours and tastings. So if you are looking for a pick-me-up and don't want to spend any money, the coffee plantations may be perfect for you.

Having Fun While You Learn

While you're in Hawaii to enjoy yourself in the sun and crisp blue water, taking tours such as the coffee plantation can help educate and inform your children. By slipping these lessons into a vacation setting, your kids will learn valuable information without even knowing it. By pre-planning your vacation, you can ensure that one or two of these educational excursions fit in to your calendar.

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