Kauai Beach Resorts

Written by Michael Federico
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There are close to fifty miles of beach on the island of Kauai. The beaches are incredibly diverse, and a trip to the different sides of the island will give a traveler several different experiences. There are beaches for those who just want to relax, and there are beaches for people who want to test their mettle against the rolling surf and crashing waves of the ocean.

Beaches on the north side of the Kauai are considered by many to be the most scenic because they are surrounded by the gorgeous green mountains of the island. Beaches that face west are usually the sunniest. Clear skies and the sun's rays bouncing off the ocean create a clear blue view for anyone who casts his eyes towards the water. While not consistently the sunniest, beaches in the east are the best spots to watch the sunrise and the sunset. These stunning displays of color should not be missed.

Resorts on the Beach

There are several locations in Kauai that feature luxury resort hotels and condominiums. The majority of them offer stunning views from every room. Most offer a variety of amenities and services, as well. They also feature swimming pools that are so beautiful many people forget that there is an ocean only a few feet away.

Kauai beach resorts are some of the most popular private luxury resorts on the island. They give people the opportunity to spend their time on Kauai in fully-furnished, spacious rooms, suites, and condominiums. Several of these resorts provide easy access to the best golf courses on the island, and are located on small, private beaches.

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