Kauai Family Vacations

Written by Michael Federico
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While Hawaii is often thought of as a romantic retreat for couples, it is also a great vacation spot for families. Even children who are not keen on sightseeing can't help but be taken aback by the sheer beauty of the islands. However, there is much more for both kids and adults to do than just look at stunning panoramas.

Kauai has several of the finest resort hotels in the world located on its beaches. Many of these resorts actually offer family packages. Along with lodging, families can get tickets to tours all over the island. They might be able to participate in a movie tour that takes participants to locations that were a part of movies ranging from Blue Hawaii to Jurassic Park.

Activities for Kids

Several resorts on Kauai make it possible for parents to have a bit of time on their own, while the kids participate in activities like horseback riding, hula dancing, or learning how native jewelry is made. After spending the day apart, the family can meet up for a luau where the kids have a chance to show off the new skills they have acquired. After the sun sets, it is possible to find resorts that offer star gazing for the entire family. Atop the roof of the hotel, visitors will be able to see stars in the clear night sky that they could never see on the Mainland.

There are several shopping areas on the island that are family-friendly. The Coconut Marketplace has souvenirs and memorabilia for people of all ages. There are also restaurants all over the island that cater to kids, while featuring several native dishes for adults.

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