Kauai Fishing

Written by Michael Federico
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Kauai offers some of the most spectacular deep sea fishing in the world. There are a number of charters that depart from all over the island each day. Each trip out into the ocean gives visitors the chance to catch a variety of fish native to the island, but even if the animals aren't taking the bait, taking in the scenery from the ocean is well worth the price.

Trips that depart from Anni Beach on the North Shore and head over to the Napali Coast offer the best sightseeing opportunities on Kauai. You can catch a glimpse of the famous Kilauea lighthouse as you head out to sea, and you can see the green mountains of Kauai framed by the seemingly endless blue sky. Once the lines are in, there is a good chance you'll be reeling in marlin, ahi, mahi-mahi, grey snapper, or ono.

Kauai Fishing Tours

There are so many fishing tours available on Kauai that it can be difficult to determine which ones have the most to offer. Before booking a trip into the middle of the ocean, it is a good idea to research the ship, the captain, and the crew. The majority of tours are run by highly experienced fishermen with comfortable, safe boats, but onboard accommodations vary.

No one can guarantee that a catch will be made. However, some crews do everything in their power to bring in at least one big game fish. They troll the water with live bait, dead bait, and bottom fish on hooks. Not every boat shares its catch with the tourists on board, so if you are interested in taking home a souvenir from the trip, you should find a boat that doesn't keep everything for itself.

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