Kauai Fishing Charters

Written by Michael Federico
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Fishing in Kauai is not like walking down to the pond and casting your reel in hopes of catching a bass. In fact, it's not even like taking the boat out on the lake and dangling your line overboard. Fishing in Kauai takes place in the vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean. The techniques used for deep sea fishing are different from any other kind of fishing, and the catches are unlike any you will find at the old fishin' hole.

Like something out of a Hemingway novel, you can travel to Kauai and do battle with a great marlin. You can also find ahi, mahi-mahi, and other fish that are native to Hawaii. The majority of the duties onboard are handled by the professionals, but there are tours that give the visitors a chance to show their skills.

Chartering a Fishing Boat

There are several charters that head out to sea from the Kauai coast on a daily basis. Some charters do not share the catches of the day with tourists, but others will divvy up everything that is hauled in. The most experienced captains and crews will use every deep sea fishing technique at their disposal in order to come home with a catch, but nothing is guaranteed when you're in open water.

There are charters that cater to beginners, serving as much as a site seeing tour as a fishing expedition. However, there are boats that only want experienced fishermen onboard. Trips on these vessels generally last for long periods of time, and they will encourage guests to bring their fly fishing reels along in order to pass the time.

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